Tallas Solar System

The Planets


Lunar Underground Mass Population Station
The Lunar Underground, situated in Alix, the second moon of Kuran, is a massive roundhouse that serves as the entire core of the moon itself. It is comprised of over a dozen LUMPS, each servicing a different Landline route to a planet or point of interest. These sub-stations are mobile, rotating as incoming LANTrans trains dock briefly between destinations.

The Arteries
CADNEL (Cadnell)
LTPCLL (Stray City)
RJ-08 (Upper Strays)
Verm Town
Still Station
Gibbs’ Junction
The Pink Line
The Loud Line

Other Heavenly Bodies
Besides the Planets, LUMPS and the star Daethys, the Desire, many other locations such as moons, asteroids and rouge planets are strewn about the Tallas System.

Viran II (Moon)
Viran III (Moon)
Alix (Moon of Kuran)
Kuranis Aeryn (Plutoid)
Kuranis Baina (Plutoid)
Imlat (Moon of Balturess)
Daenar II (Moon)
Daenar III (Rubble, former Moon)
Daenar IV (Moon)
Tekrip (Rogue Planet)
Yast The Lesser (Plutoid)
Iphmlasine (Moon of Orrid)
Orrid Vineway (Biological Highway)
Tallas II (Plutoid)
Tallas III (Asteroid)
Tallas IV (Asteroid)
Tallas V (Moon)
Tallas VI (Rubble, former Asteroid)
Gicas Aebs (Moon of Woalran)
Denteuronos (Rogue Planet)
Mett, the Blight (Dark Star)
Aebin Cluster (Dust Field)
Erosan Cluster (Dust Field)

The Landlines
Tallas, simply put, would still be the backwoods hole it had been for much of it’s history if it were not for the Landlines. They are an engineering marvel that allows direct transit between planets – without the need of a spaceship. Massive magnetic rail lines capable of transporting millions at once sit atop triangular interlocking beams. Beneath the rails, the lines are complete with roads for conventional travel, waterways, service tunnels, power lines, sewers, boomtowns and anything else under the sun – connecting the major areas of the Tallas Solar System.

Major Lines
All major lines are wholly owned and operated by the megacorporation LANTrans.
Star of Tallas – Tallas to Kuran via Alix
Pride of Kura – Tallas to Kuran via Eris
Western Horizon – Tallas to Viran direct
Pride of Vira – Tallas to Viran via Eris
Chariot-One – Tallas to Orrid via Alix
Blazing Comet – Tallas to Yast direct
Bounder Express – Alix to Tallas direct
Bounder Classic – Alix to Tallas via Tekrip
The Red Arrow – Alix to Balturess
Woalran Zephyr – Tallas to Woalran via Alix

Independent Lines
Owned by the dwindling number of independent train operators, usually servicing cheaper or more dangerous lines.
Silver Streak – Alix to Daenar via The Dagger. Operated by Tailwinds.
Daenar Icebreaker Alix to Daenar direct. Operated by Leggett Co
Gilded Carriage Daenar to Daenar IV direct. Operated by Tailwinds.
Lundville Leaper Alix to Yast via Tekrip. Operated by Temed Kol Trainyarr.
Boxer Line – Alix to Balturess via The Dagger. Operated by Starlines Inc
Fleetrunner West – The Dagger to Kuranis Baina direct. Operated by Starlines Inc
Fleetrunner East – The Dagger to Iphmlasine direct. Operated by Starlines Inc
Yastarr Bullet – Yast to Yast the Lesser direct. Operated by Temed Kol Trainyarr.
Frontiersman – The Dagger to Gicas Aebs via Imlat by way of Tekrip. Operated by Leggett Co
Brittlestar Runner – Alix to Denteuronos via Iphmlasine. Operated by Bloom Syndicate.
Greyhound – Alix to Hope via Denteuronos and Iphmlasine. Operated by Hope Trading Co
The Honeybee – Orrid to Iphmlasine via the Orrid Vineway. Operated by Bloom Syndicate.
The Locust – Iphmlasine to the Aebin Cluster via Denteuronos and Hope. Operated by Bloom Syndicate

Abandoned Lines

Tallas Solar System

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